Your dog needs a walk. But so do you!


For any dog owner and (lover), you surely know that walking your dog is part of the daily activities to make it happy, but also to keep it healthy. But making your dog feel better can also have positive effects on your physical activity.

As you probably already know from our previous blog posts, a brisk 10-minute daily walk is beneficial for your health. While your Max or your Daisy are doing their tricks, you can also take a big walk and burn many calories. Depending on your dog’s breed, you might end up wandering around in the park for up to 2 hours to allow your dog to enjoy itself and have a great time – which is even better for your physical activity!

This is why off-leash dog parks are a very important thing in North America, especially in American states like California, Colorado, New York, or Hawaii. In California, dogs actually have their one beach, called Huntington Dog Beach, where they can have their fun while playing into the water. Colorado comes with the Cherry Creek State Park, a 107 acres of fun place for dogs. The Prospect Park in New York is another amazing place where dogs can enjoy their freedom while you’re taking a long relaxing walk. The Hawaii Kai Dog Park will surely make dogs enjoy the water pools and make you become more physically active. 

Get Set Leeds offers you many chances to stay active through walking such as Leeds Let’s Get Active or Walking for Health, but it also gives you the chance to borrow a dog and enjoy the green spaces in Leeds like Roundhay Park or Golden Acre Park, despite the lack of actual off-leash dog parks in Leeds. So do take advantage of these beautiful green spaces and take your dog for a long healthy walk!

Photo by Jiawei Chen on Unsplash

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