Working with Communities – a lovely poem


Debbie Sunley, a specialist learning mentor in Leeds City Council’s learning for life team, wrote us this fantastic poem about how being physically active can keep people socially connected too.  Check out the main website for lots of links to groups and activities you could join to help you stay active – and smiling!


Working with Communities

I’ve been down for a while and feeling quite low
My body is aching and I’m getting quite slow
Is this my life now and how it should be, lonely and quiet with no-one to see
I feel pretty desperate which way do I go, what can I do and how do I know
Is there a website for me to explore, to help me get out of this prison door

So I’ve scoured online and to my surprise, on google right there and in front of my eyes
Is Get Set Leeds who are promoting a group,
For people like me who are not in the loop
That suffer in silence and are unaware
Of the activities taking place that they want to share
It’s free to join gees this sounds real good
So I emailed them just as you would
An early reply is what I received
And information of a group that was right up my street

A glimmer of hope, a ray of light made me smile so much that day and night
The very next day I gathered my things and off I went hobbling to up by the swings
A group of silvers were stood just by the tree, and one of them shouted over at me
Are you Doris from just down the hill, how are you dear and how do you feel
My face must have lit up like a headlamp in the dark
As I saw people from my past stood right there in the park

How lovely it was to catch up with these folk
and swap numbers as well as we started to walk
We spoke of our families and how times had gone past
How I thought that this session was going so fast

There was Peter and Ethel, Paul and Ben, Sheila and Mildred, Jean and Len
All lovely people, so thoughtful and kind oh and Jim with his sticks as he’s gone slightly blind
We all huddled round the café at the side of the lake
To think of activities or crafts we could make
Some thought of exercise, dancing or bowles
Others thought of knitting, yoga or just gentle strolls
Ideas were plentiful and discussions were vast
Oh how I’d missed these folk that were from my past

So as a name for our group, we thought out aloud
From a Load of old Wobblers to the Not So Spring Chickens
We all went along with Alive and Still Kicking

I’m now in a good place, the best in a while
I’m now not so sad and quite often I smile
My joints not so creeky, my back not so bent
I love my group and the fact that I went
So whatever’s going on, if you’re lonely like me
Then look all about and you will see
There’s plenty about for all different needs
But go on the website Get Set Leeds 

Debbie Sunley

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