What do you want to change about Leeds? Have your say at Big Leeds Chat!


Last year, people in Leeds had their say about how to make Leeds the best city for health and wellbeing. This was all part of the Big Leeds Chat which brought senior decision makers in health and care together with Leeds residents who spoke their minds and offered invaluable suggestions about how Leeds could help them stay more healthy.

The Big Leeds Chat is a new way of listening to people’s ideas in Leeds and it aims to build a conversation about what matters to local people. Its vision is to make sure Leeds is a healthy and caring city for all ages. Here at Get Set Leeds we are particularly interested in what people think about the city’s opportunities for physical activity, so we’re listening to all the views that came out during the ‘chat’.

The conversation started with three simple questions that were addressed to Leeds people wandering around Leeds Kirkgate Market:

  • What do you love about living in Leeds?
  • What do you do to stay healthy?
  • What would you like to see changed to make Leeds an even better city to live in?

Around 500 people offered their insights and even though it turned out many people knew what they need to do to stay fit and healthy, there were specific areas that people thought should be improved to make them stay even more physically active.

The cost of healthy activities seemed to be a barrier to health and wellbeing, there was not enough information about how to stay active, and the transport and environment could be improved to make people get into regularly exercising. Other issues such as healthcare services, mental health services, and employment have also been raised by Leeds people.

Big Leeds Chat returns this year on the 7th of November at Leeds Kirkgate Market and will follow the same structure like last year, with additional smaller events across the city. If you want to have your say about what changes in Leeds would make you more physically active, join the Big Leeds Chat and fill in the Get Set Leeds survey!

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