We are Undefeatable: how to stay active at home if you have a long term health condition


You already know that here at Get Set Leeds we encourage and support everyone to stay active. During this time when people are urged to stay active indoors or get outside for only one form of exercise, we’re giving advice to people with long term health conditions.

We’ve previously told you about We are Undefeatable – a campaign which supports people with a range of long term health conditions and helps people discover their way into how to stay physically active, suitable for each person’s conditions.

We are Undefeatable gives you many options to get moving around your home. They recommend a wide range of workouts that would only need things you find in your home like a chair, a small bottle of water, or a tin of beans.

If you want to add some fun into your daily exercise routine, go for dancing, or if you like to keep it more traditional, try some stretching. For the full guide on what exercises people with long term health conditions can do, visit https://weareundefeatable.co.uk/ways-to-move/get-moving-around-the-home.

To tick off your list that daily one form of exercise or when you go shopping for basic necessities, We are Undefeatable recommends using some digital tools to help you move such as the free Active 10 app that tracks your brisk walks or Couch to 5K app. Find out more useful resources here: https://weareundefeatable.co.uk/ways-to-move/digital-tools-to-help-you-move

Last, but not least, watch this video to see how Ian from We are Undefeatable who has been struggling with lung conditions manages to stay active in his house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5h6NueO8Oc



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