Travel Plans: the way to stay active on your way to school and work


We’ve previously covered in our blogs how the lack of time when we have to go to work and school can be a barrier to staying physically active and we’ve looked at how some people stay active at their workplace. We now want to show you how you can become active on your way to and from school or work with the help of Travel Plans.

But what are Travel Plans?

Travel Plans are green travel strategies that businesses and schools write and adopt to help them improve their environmental impact and help staff or students travel by more sustainable forms of transport.

Over 300 businesses and around 98% of schools in Leeds are signed up for the planning process.

So how can Travel Plans help?

Their main goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and schools and improve their corporate social responsibility, but they also help employees and children in Leeds stay physically active by encouraging them to walk or cycle to and from school and work.

The effectiveness of the Travel Plans is measured in terms of reducing single occupancy car trips on the commute; this means they also promote car-sharing – but at GetSetLeeds we like the contribution they can make to more active travel.

Travel Plans usually contain infrastructure measures (e.g. cycle parking and walking links), an action plan for delivery, and a range of incentives that can be offered to employees to encourage them to switch to more sustainable forms of travel.

In Leeds, the City Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) both play a role in promoting Travel Plans. To find out more about Travel Plans and how to join for free the WYCA’s Travel Plan Network, visit

For information about business travel plans and Leeds City Council’s support for active travel visit


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