The Ramblers: how walking and love went hand in hand for a couple


If you think walking would be good and fun for you, but you have no idea where to start from, The Ramblers Take a Hike might be the answer: a walking group in Leeds which ensures the rights of walkers are not overlooked. It can be the perfect initiative for both staying active and meeting new people.

This was also the case with Nikki who decided to join The Ramblers Take a Hike group after getting a divorce in 2012, so she could meet new people and stay fit. She found walking a great way to burn calories without putting pressure on her joints and an even greater way to clear her mind while being out and about.

But besides these health and well-being benefits, Nikki also found walking the way to meet her husband. She says: ‘I was always a slow person, particularly up the hill, and Richard was the type of guy who used to choose to walk at the back to help those who were struggling. So by default we spent time together and became friends. As we were both single, we went on a date which led to us getting married five years later’.

The Ramblers Take a Hike group allowed her to also achieve a great performance in terms of staying physically active – climbing the grand Kilimanjaro last September! Nikki adds: ‘This was after having breast cancer the year before, so it was a massive achievement. I would never have done that if it wasn’t for building up my confidence in my local walking group’.

She encourages people to join the Ramblers as it is a very cheap activity and a great way to meet new people. ‘I would have never dreamt of finding the love of my life and then climbing the highest mountain in Africa if it wasn’t for the Ramblers’, says Nikki.

Get Set Leeds offers you so many more ideas of how you can stay physically active in Leeds by walking, from joining walking groups like The Ramblers to even borrowing a dog that would keep you active in the nature. Any amount of walking is beneficial for your health, even just doing your shopping and walking back home. To find out more ideas of walking in Leeds, visit

If you also want to find out more about The Ramblers, check out and join them every Saturday.

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