Super-Barca presents you the Super-Blocks!


It’s not Lego, it’s not Monopoly, not even Cities: Skylines – it’s Barcelona’s ambition to offer more space to its citizens and more opportunities to wander around the city! The new strategy for sustainability includes creating the so-called SuperBlocks that would turn secondary streets into spaces dedicated to people.

Barcelona’s 2016 plan will reduce traffic by 21% and will free up almost 60% of streets which will be used as free spaces to walk, cycle, or in a nutshell, be more active. The ones who would benefit the most out of this brilliant strategy would be the Catalan community as it struggles with sedentary lifestyle and lack of green spaces because of road traffic.

But how would this strategic game be put into practice? Imagine nine existing blocks put together to form ‘The SuperBlock’! Any traffic will be restricted to the roads round in the SuperBlock perimeter and only local vehicles will be allowed in its streets. Plus, they will lower the speed to 10km/h. And voilà – more space for people to become more physical active and a greater opportunity to add various green spaces! The final goal Barcelona is aiming for is … 500 SuperBlocks that will come to the rescue of physical activity, noise, and pollution!

Barcelona will end up looking like a strategy game in which 9 blocks are connected and turned into small cities where neighbours know each other really well, where citizens can benefit from festivals and markets in their SuperBlock, and where, Catalans and people visiting Gaudi’s city could take advantage of the walk-free paths and enjoy the green spaces.

Do you think your local city could look like this?


Photo by Alfons Taekema on Unsplash

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