Tania's Story

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Tania doesn’t let living with a learning disability get in the way of being active. In the last couple of years, she has taken up Pokemon Go as a way to get outside and be active with her friends.


Pokemon Go uses GPS technology to place virtual creatures called Pokemon on a real-world map which is accessed via a smartphone.

Before discovering this interactive game, Tania didn’t do much physical activity. She had never been to a gym and didn’t enjoy exercising by herself. Things changed when she started playing Pokemon Go with friends in her local area. It gave walking a purpose and was a fun way to spend time together. Looking for more of a challenge, Tania and her friends began to meet in different locations to find new Pokemon and explore new areas on foot. Pokemon can often be found at sites of interest, so they found it was a great way to sightsee in new places.

Since she got into playing Pokemon Go, Tania has noticed mental and physical benefits. “I just feel better, I have more energy. My legs don’t hurt like they used to when I walked longer distances. I find I get loads of steps in every time I play, I walk all over the place! I even play when I’m on the way to appointments or to work.”

Tania works for Connect in the North, a user-led charity working to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. Tania shares information with people with learning disabilities, family carers and staff.

Videographer: Yash Ghandi

"Since I started playing Pokémon Go, I walk all over the place"
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