Liz's Story

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After a traumatic accident which left her hip shattered, Liz Stephensen-Payne was told she may never get back to being fully active.

But five years on, following three months of bed rest and even longer using a wheelchair and walking sticks, Liz is fitter and more active than ever.

“Because I had to have a hip reconstruction and a lower pelvis break, I was in bed for a long time. It did have an impact on my confidence and my mood. At first it was really difficult to get moving, but once I was able to be active again, I felt the difference straight away. Even just a short walk in the fresh air really improved my mood.

Walking and running became really important to me and I wanted to help others experience the same sort of benefits in terms of mood and health that I’d felt. I became an ambassador for Leeds Girls Can and now I run walking and running groups for other women. It’s really important to offer women-only groups because that enables women from all cultures to join in, and I’ve met so many interesting people.

It’s especially important for women of my age to be active. It’s just so good for you! It protects against diseases like vascular dementia and heart problems, and it gets you out and about and meeting people. Being active was such an important part of recovering from my accident. Now it’s just part of my everyday life, and I feel so much better for it.

Videographer: Yash Gandhi

"It's important for women my age to be active"
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