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Emma Young certainly knows what it’s like to be busy. As a working mum of two boys she often struggles to cram everything she needs to do into her packed schedule.

Transport planner Emma works in the city centre, commuting from her home in Pudsey. Her husband works shifts, which means they have to juggle the family routine to fit around work.

With such a busy schedule, it would be easy to let being active slip to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list. But Emma’s found a way to keep moving even in the middle of the chaos of family life.

“I’ve been getting to work by bike, and occasionally running in too, which has been great. Cycling takes no longer than driving, is quicker than the bus, and it’s free. It’s also a really good way to be active without even realising you’re doing it.

“Being active with the boys is also a really good way for us to spend time together as a family. We go out on our bikes at weekends – it’s something all four of us enjoy doing. There are great places to cycle as a family in Leeds, like the pop-up events at the Brownlee Centre, exploring the canal or disused railways around the city, and Leeds Urban Bike Park.

“I haven’t managed to get them really into doing long walks yet, but I’m working on it. I think when the boys see us being active, and it’s just a normal part of their everyday life to be running about playing and getting on their bikes, they are much more likely to carry on being active themselves as adults.”

Videographer: Yash Gandhi

"Being active is a good way for us to spend time together as a family"
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