Stick at it! But how?


If you make your living from packing people into your gyms and fitness centres then you probably know lots of tricks and techniques for making physical activity fun – and habit-forming.

But if your name isn’t ‘Lloyd’ or ‘Branson’, what can you do? If you’re one of us mere mortals who make then break new year resolutions, or get the bike out for three weeks in spring then let it rust, what can you learn from the big boys to keep you coming back for more?

Last week’s ‘National Cycle To Work Day 2019’ got us thinking about all this.  It was hosted this year by the international Love to Ride cyclescheme. Although you’ve missed the boat (well, missed the bike) for 2019 cycle to work day Love to Ride has lots of year-round incentives: if you want to ride your bike, or ride it more often, it’s well worth signing up.  There’s a Cycle September promo coming up next.

And Love to Ride borrows plenty of techniques from you know who…but it’s FREE to join and use.

So there are over 10,000 other riders already signed up – a big and varied community where you are bound to find someone with similar interests and ability as you.  Being with like-minded people, and encouraging each other, is a great way to keep you regularly active.

There’s a free app (and compatibility with other fitness and travel apps) to help you keep track of your journeys, celebrate your successes and achievements and even share your progress.  Set yourself some targets, and be your own personal trainer!

If competition and rewards are what motivate you, there’s everything from badges and awards to actual prizes.  And if being with other people is what keeps you active, then sign up as part of a group or even a company or workplace.

Even if you have no intention of riding a bike, though, there are still lessons here about how to keep active:

  • Find other people and support each other to stick at it – whatever you choose.
  • Make a plan, keep track of your activities, and give yourself the odd medal!
  • Join a group, learn more and develop your interest and ability in your chosen activity.
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