So, what changes in Leeds would encourage people to be more physically active?


For the last couple of months, Get Set Leeds has given people in Leeds the chance to have their say regarding what changes in the city would make them become more physically active.

We only want to find out two things from you: how physical activity fits into your life and what transformations in Leeds would encourage you to be more active.

We are still open to lots more views, but some themes are already coming out loud and clear. So, what are the most common responses from people in Leeds so far?

1. Not having enough information about how to stay active

Leeds residents have mentioned that there isn’t enough information about how they can stay fit and healthy. There’s a need to better communicate the services and activities that everyone in Leeds can take advantage of to become more physically active. Active Leeds could be one of the solutions – a complex service that tells you lots about health programmes, classes & activities, and even community sessions.

2. More social opportunities

We all know that people in Leeds enjoy socializing and physical activity doesn’t make an exception. Leeds citizens focused on the need for more social opportunities as a solution to make them exercise more. Having someone to share this experience with seems to be really important.

Get Set Leeds comes up with so many ideas to get active while being part of a group such as walking groups from Leeds Let’s Get Active, ParkRun, or even Yorkshire Dance for older people. But there are so many more opportunities on our Get Active page to try, have fun, and become physically active in Leeds!

3. Health services to better promote physical activity

People in Leeds have also pointed to the necessity of health services and doctors promoting and sign-posting to them how to become more physically active. Prescribing Movement encourages health professionals to have at least a one-minute conversation with the patients at the end of their consultation and tell them how they could practically improve their health by regularly exercising.

 4. Leeds loves its green spaces

Leeds residents enjoy having a great time in the nature and this also applies to getting active. They mentioned that access to green spaces in Leeds encourages them to be more physically active and take brisk walks and running sessions more often. Leeds is one of the UK cities with the greatest number of parks and amazing countryside. You can check out here some of the best trails in Leeds where you can properly workout, even if it’s only for a 10-minute walk:

 5. Schools and workplaces to help people become more active

It’s difficult to go to the gym or take a walk when you’re busy at school or work, so why not have something like this incorporated into your actual school/work schedule? People in Leeds said that work and school take a significant time of their day and it’d be easier if they could include walks or yoga sessions during lunchtime.

In one of our previous blog posts, we told you how employers in Leeds such as John Lewis and Npower encourage their employees to stay active at work and how beneficial this has been for them – from improving their physical and mental health to increasing their productivity and self-esteem.


Do you agree with these issues that people in Leeds have raised so far? How could the city get even better in these areas? And what’s missing from the list? We want to hear YOUR view as well, so fill in the Get Set Leeds survey and tell us what changes in Leeds would encourage you to become more physically active!


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