Shop ‘till you drop … calories!


Mixing up work and pleasure could also be a saying when it comes to shopping. Merely seen as an activity which makes you get rid of money, you should know it’s also one which makes you get rid of calories (so don’t give up shopping!).

Whether you’re running through discounts, trying on new clothes, or simply pushing the trolley in the supermarket, shopping is a really good cardio exercise for your heart and overall well-being. Research (carried out on behalf of the retail sector!) shows that an average consumer can burn up to 463 kcal per shopping session – which seems to be similar to an hour aerobics class! From walking to the shops to staying in a queue and carrying bags, a shopping spree combines multiple types of exercises which you can find more about on the Get Active section on this website.

If you’re curious to discover how many calories you burn while going on an intense shopping session, use the Map my Run app that tracks your crazy shopping walk (or running, if you’re the type that goes to the shopping centre on a Boxing Day) and tells you how active you’ve been. If you find that doing housework (including shopping) is what makes you more physically active, we also have tips on how to keep yourself fit and healthy while doing various chores.

Shopping is a necessary activity for everyone in Leeds, and as you saw, it is also a great activity to increase your heart rate and keep yourself in a really good shape. If you’re new to Leeds or maybe don’t know all the places where you can carry on amazing shopping sessions, here’s an updated guide with the best places to shop in Leeds:  .

And remember, the more bags you carry, the more calories you burn!

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