Running (literally) for the general election?


Everyone in Leeds knows by now that on the 12th of December the UK will vote in a general election. A major event like this could be in the way of many of your plans like Christmas Parties (yes, Twitter has been filled with people in Leeds complaining about this), but how can you make sure it surely won’t be in the way of you staying physically active?

To begin with, keep the traditions up when it comes to how you travel to the polling stations – choose to walk or have a bike ride instead of using your car. If you don’t own a bike, you can buy a reconditioned one from Leeds Bike Mill or rent one for free from one of the 13 bike libraries across Leeds. You can also rent a helmet to keep you safe – but try not to give anything away with your choice of colour!

After you democratically put the X in the voting box and you return on your feet or bike to your home, exercising need not stop here. While you keep an eye open at the news to find out the latest information about the general election, why not take a walk or do some slow jogging on your treadmill, or do some of the work-out-from-home exercises delivered by NHS experts.

Doing indoor chores will also keep you active and help you burn calories, but make sure you’re not too distracted from the general election news and still pay attention to what’s going on. Even though we reckon it will be a hectic day and a long night, there are still many options for staying physically active while doing the right thing for the country.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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