Rain, rain, go away in Vancouver!


You already know that people in Leeds already love discussing (and complaining) about the local weather. The same thing might happen in Vancouver. But the Canadian city has decided that no matter how difficult it is to change the weather, it might be easier to protect people from the rain and even make them more physically active as a result.

In 2012 Vancouver put forward the Transportation 2040 Plan as part of their aim to have an inclusive, healthy, and liveable future for its people. The plan also highlights how people move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years. One of the main initiatives in this plan is making streets and public spaces rain-friendly as drizzly days make people become less physically active.

The city has already implemented some weather protection guidelines for specific buildings in the city, including wider canopies and awnings. Changes such as careful street tree selection, size, and placement are also taken into account to protect people from the bad weather, while rain is factored into public realm design.

These changes clearly allow Vancouverites not only to celebrate the rain, but also to not be afraid of taking a walk or running in their city. Rain is a constant in Vancouver people’s lives, but with these measures put in place, it might no longer be a barrier to make them regularly exercise outdoors.

Do you think that Leeds should also make some changes to make the rain go away? What would they be?

Photo by Dimitri de Vries on Unsplash

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