Ping! Summer Activation brings summer back!


Just when you thought summer was officially over, you are invited to pick up a free table tennis bat and balls at the Ping! Summer Activation Sessions and play your favourite sport for free.

And there’s some even greater news – you can keep the equipment for future use!

There are a number of outdoors parks across Leeds where this activity will be hosted. On Wednesday, 2nd September, table tennis enthusiasts are welcome in the following places, at the following times:

  • Aberford, 10 AM
  • Springhead Park, 12 noon
  • Scatcherd Park, 2 PM
  • Middleton Park, 4 PM

The ping pong sessions will move next on Friday, 4th September, to other beautiful areas in Leeds:

  • Armley Park, 10 AM
  • East End Park, 12 noon
  • Chapel Allerton Parks, 2 PM
  • Meanwood Park, 4 PM

To find out more about Ping! in Leeds and how to stay safe while playing table tennis, visit


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