Physical activity campaigns contributed to overcoming the inactivity barrier before the Coronavirus outbreak


We’ve recently written mostly about how the outbreak of Coronavirus has been a barrier to staying physically active and suggested various ways to overcome this and keep yourself healthy and active at home.

But even when we’re not fighting a global virus, it seems that campaigns which help people overcome their own particular barriers to being active can be really effective.

According to the latest Active Lives Adults Survey from Sport England, activity levels were on the rise and inactivity was falling before the Covid-19 pandemic. The figures show 63.3% of the nation’s population met the recommended level of physical activity – doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. The report also shows an increase in physical activity in women,  people over 55 and people with long-term health conditions.

There has been a development and investment in campaigns that target these audiences such as This Girl Can (specifically addressed to women), We Are Undefeatable (for people with long-term health conditions), and the more recent work with Demos on their home exercise radio show 10 Today (specifically designed for older people).

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