New activity toolkit from Active Leeds


Active Leeds launched a new activity package to encourage children, young people and families to take part in a wide range of fun activities that will also keep them physically active.

They have put together two resources: the Ready-Set-Rainbow toolkit suitable for children under the age of eight, and the Get Active, Stay Active planner that targets a more mature audience, but also for children and young people over the age of eight.

The Ready-Set-Rainbow resource challenges children to create a rainbow each day with the help of some new friends –a raindrop called Hydro, a sun called Ray and a cloud called Cirrus, you guessed it, the ingredients of a rainbow! The characters each have different specialities – Hydro encourages movement, Ray is all about growth mindset, and Cirrus helps children to discover mindfulness. The activity cards are themed according to each of these specialities, and in order to achieve a rainbow, children must complete a Hydro card, a Ray card and a Cirrus card. Completing a rainbow means children can add it to their own personal chart, and ensures them a well-rounded day of activities which pay attention to both physical and mental well-being.

The Get Active, Stay Active daily planner also focuses on the importance of looking after mind and body. It includes a mood diary, some useful resources both for physical and mental health, and entertaining and innovative activities you can do indoors and outdoors such as ‘Ball of Doom’, ‘Football Toe Taps’, or ‘Mr Men Warm Up’.

The activities require little or no equipment and you can actually improvise with stuff you have in the house such as a blanket, pillows, or a chair.

To watch some short films of how the activity cards work in practice, see some examples on the Active Leeds YouTube Channel by selecting the Ready Set Rainbow playlist:

For the full list of the Active Leeds Healthy at Home toolkit, visit



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