Moscow: a brand new city for an active community!


Moscow is one of the cities that felt a change has to be made in order to engage its people in being more active. 2012 was the year when the Russian capital came up with an upgraded plan for a great city. From improving pedestrian crossings to restricting parking in the city centre, Moscow managed to fight major challenges like an overwhelming dominance of cars or low quality walking lanes for pedestrians.

But Moscow did something original that we are really keen to share: the introduction of “human scales”! If you have no idea how “human scales” work with becoming more physically active, don’t worry, we didn’t either – though we were sure it had nothing to do with weighing yourself! “Human scales” represent outdoor community spaces that would make you want to put your feet into action and stroll around the natural environment.

Moscow created outdoor community spaces to be used for walk and play, but the most interesting fact was where they’ve been placed – between blocks of flats! Many playgrounds have been designed to tick more boxes such as accessibility, safety, and of course, physical activity, and having green spaces around the buildings makes it easier for parents to allow their children to run, jump the rope, and play hide and seek closer to their homes!

Besides this fantastic idea, Moscow improved its green spaces and parks by adding outdoor gyms, running tracks, and even basic stuff which are so important for an active local community such as street lamps, benches and fountains. With this brand new vision, Moscow has improved 129 green spaces, including 40 local parks, that give you the chance to wander around and burn many calories. Oh, and one more thing, they added large figures of dinosaurs – because why not?

Moscow has come up with an innovative idea to include playgrounds between blocks of flats – would you like to have playgrounds just next to your home in your local town?


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