Let’s roll Leeds with our skates!


We already know about conventional physical activities like walking, running or cycling that put Leeds on the map for one of the most active cities in the UK. But what if you’re an even more energetic person who wants to try new extreme(ish) challenges? The ‘90s roller skates could be your answer – dynamic, fun, and bombs for burning calories!

A bit overlooked by people who choose its big brother (cycling), roller skates contribute to a healthier and more active lifestyle, while giving you that rush of adrenaline that we all need. A 30-minute roller skating session around your neighbourhood can get you rid of 250 calories. And if you’re braver, climbing hills or speeding up in parks could help you end up with even more calories burnt. But these shoes on wheels that catch fire when put on roads bring even more benefits to your health like building lean muscle, improving your balance, and increasing your heart rate.

If reading this brief description made you thought ‘that’s so me!’, the only question left is ‘where?’. Leeds provides so many places where you can swirl around on your funky roller skates. If you have no experience or want to improve your skating skills, Leeds Inspired lists various courses that will make you the next Chad Hedrick.

If you are a woman and like to get more competitive, joining Leeds Roller Derby would be a great move for you as you will get the chance to compete against other European roller skates teams. For winter lovers who would like to take their skates outdoors, Ice Cube opens its doors every February in Millennium Square and encourages you to become the new snowflake on the ice.

Take advantage of the green spaces and parks in Leeds and set up a new summer resolution: roll in Leeds with your skates!


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