Let’s dance our calories away!


“Dancing Queen / Feel the beat from the tambourine!” This is the rule which Eastern European people seem to follow in their lives. That’s because they decided they will keep themselves fit and active by … DANCING! When we say “dancing”, we don’t mean dancing by yourself while doing housework or with your friends at a party (although Get Set Leeds does encourage you to be as active as possible). But rather imagine around 30K people dancing the same dance, to the same song, in the same moment!

This is possible because of Quadrille Dance Festival – an event dispersed around 8 European countries where people dance the famous Quadrille on Strauss’ Die Fledermaus music in synchrony! In 2006, 33K young people took part in this event and danced their calories (or troubles) away on the main bridge in Maribor in Slovenia. A year later, around 100K people from all over Eastern Europe made the news headline by dancing the Quadrille to the music of Strauss!

Quadrille is a French society dance performed by four different couples in a rectangular shape. This historical dance was a role model for the famous Cancan. The main goal of the Quadrille dancing festival is to unite people from many countries despite their political and religious beliefs. But we also think it’s a brilliant way to stay active to a song which contains four parts, especially that you must go to rehearsal before joining the big event! The more you dance, the more calories you burn!

If you feel dancing is the best answer for you to stay in shape and maintain an active lifestyle, first of all, check our great dancing ideas in Leeds and see if any of them are suitable for your own rhythm and style. And then, think about how this could be better implemented in your hometown – would a Quadrille Dance Festival work in the city centre?


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