Leeds is physically active again: Leeds Urban Bike Park wins Trail of the Year Award!


Great news comes from the Leeds Urban Bike Park – their Red Trail won the commercially-built Trail of the Year Award 2020 organised by MBR (Mountain Bike Rider) in association with SRAM.

The Red Trail was intentionally built to be unique as it looks to improve bikers’ skills and allow them to have fun rather than to cover long distances. If you plan on trying new tricks like big leaps, jumps, or nailing the berms, then the Red Trail is the right place for you! More than this, the winning LUBP trail manages to take mountain biking and trail building to a new level by gathering people together as a biking community and rewarding their efforts.

The Red Trail is part of the Leeds Urban Bike Park which, surprisingly enough, has been built on the site of an old golf club – so we could say that an active lifestyle has been predominant in that place. After testing your abilities on the Red Trail, you can then head to other trails from the LUBP such as the BMX track or the pumptrack and have a break in the hub for a great snack.

Besides having a unique layout, LUBP comes with another interesting element which is being situated not in a forest like we’d expect, but in the actual city. One other great thing you should know before kicking off on your wheels is that you have free ride and free parking in LUBP.

LUBP is the place for everyone – it encourages mountain biking to develop as a sport, by both keeping the already experienced bikers and bringing in some new faces that want to develop their on-wheels techniques.

To find out more about the Red Trail and the Leeds Urban Bike Park, visit https://www.mbr.co.uk/news/commercially-built-trail-of-the-year-393740 or take a look at their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/leedsurbanbikepark/?epa=SEARCH_BOX .

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