Kully’s Walking Journey


If you would like to get active but are unsure where to start, Leeds girl Kully is here to provide some inspiration. Read her story from Leeds Girls Can below:


What was Kully’s first step?


“I have no excuses; I was just lazy”


Like many of us, Kully’s busy life meant that exercise wasn’t always at the top of the priority list. But after encouragement from her aunty, Kully began walking to and from work;


“Work is approximately 3-4 miles away depending on the route I take. Back in March, I was struggling to walk up the hilly streets.”


If you have a safe and accessible route to work, it is worth considering if you can transform your commute and go by foot. Whilst still getting you from A to B, it also gives you an opportunity to get moving and kickstart the day.

Fitting exercise into your daily routine is a great way to build healthy habits that can be sustained and progressed. For Kully, it was satisfying to see how much easier and faster the walking became after such a short time.

For information on how you can incorporate more activity into your daily journeys, visit the Walk.it Ride.it website.


What is Kully’s motivation?

Alongside seeing real results and progress, Kully uses daily targets as motivation;


“I started to track my steps on my phone and realised I was nearly reaching the government’s recommended 10,000 steps a day, so that started to be my daily target. I would walk to the local shop on an evening if it meant reaching my goal of 10,000 steps”.


Setting daily goals is a great way to both organise and motivate yourself, as they provide direction and offer a fantastic sense of achievement. Start with goals that are achievable for you and make sure you take great delight in ticking them off.

As time goes on, these goals can be increased and changed to include different activities. Kully has now upped her target to 15,000 steps a day and has started to do Yoga with Yoti Yoga online on an evening, which has also helped her walking journey.


What are Kully’s top tips?

“My advice to anyone is to be consistent and do what fits with your own lifestyle. If you decide to walk twice a week stick to it, block out the time and don’t let anyone or thing distract you from your own goals. I feel so much stronger physically and mentally. Toned and not an essential but I have also dropped a few dress sizes.”


Leeds Girls Can is part of the national This Girl Can campaign developed by Sport England with a range of partners to encourage woman and girls to feel comfortable in their own skin and get physically active. Visit the Leeds Girls Can webpage or Facebook for more information.

Get Set Leeds is dedicated to uniting everyone in the city through activity and sport. Recent Get Set Leeds research has found that women want to be active but find it harder to be, often due to a lack of time or childcare. Therefore, Get Set Leeds is committed to improving accessibility, providing local information and making activity more attractive in Leeds.

Visit our Get Active page for more information on how you can get moving in Leeds.

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