Practice nurses embrace Get Set Leeds

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Kirkstall Lane Medical Centre is encouraging its patients to join the Get Set Leeds conversation with a waiting room display promoting the benefits of moving more.

Practice Nurse Jessica Jones is a big champion of physical activity as a way of improving her patients’ health. She says “I believe exercise is so important both physically and mentally. Getting active can make such a difference to people’s lives.”

The Chief Medical Officers’ recommendations are for all adults to be moderately active for 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) per week, or vigorously active (getting sweaty and breathless) for 75 minutes per week. The guidelines also recommend fitting in strengthening exercise like yoga or carrying heavy shopping twice a week – and to minimise time spent sitting or being still. 

GPs and practice nurses have a really important role to play in supporting people in Leeds to get more active. The Get Set Leeds team hopes to talk to as many people working in primary care as possible about what would help them encourage people to move more.

If you work in primary care, or you have ideas for how your doctor or nurse could help you get active, please have your say in our survey. 

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