Kickflips and litter-picks – making the Get Set Leeds film

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Making the Get Set Leeds film was an inspiring experience for the team, giving us a peek at some of the great things people do to get active in Leeds.

Middleton Park has a really committed group of volunteers who do regular litter-picks to keep the historic woodland looking pristine. They were happy to show us their work – and encourage us to pick up some crisp packets too!

The Tiny Outdoor Explorers (TOEs) group at Hollybush Conservation Centre in Kirkstall offered a great chance to hang out with pre-schoolers who romped round the woodland paths with infectious joy. Their love of movement was so natural, we couldn’t help but join in.

We also filmed at Shakespeare Primary School, where the head teacher is really working hard to encourage pupils to be active, and at Woodhouse Moor skatepark, where we caught up with Leeds Skate Gals and Pals, an independent skate collective for people who identify as female or non-binary. They showed us some impressive moves but we declined the chance to try a 360 varial kickflip!

During filming, which took place in chilly March, we experienced downpours and buffeting winds – but people were still out there running, walking, skating, cycling and playing out. That Yorkshire grit is plain to see in our film – and it’s also at the heart of our city’s ambition to become more active.

"Making the Get Set Leeds film was an inspiring experience for the team"
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