Keeping up with the Joneses in physical activity!


We already know that Leeds is one of the most active cities in the UK, praising itself with a large number of green spaces and parks, and many opportunities to join physical activity groups. But, how does Leeds face the international competition and where does it land itself in the most active cities list?

As you previously read on our Active Cities post, Amsterdam is the most active city in the world, with many people going for walks, cycling, or running. But out of these three main physical activities, Amsterdam is the ultimate champion for … CYCLING! Similarly, Copenhagen occupies the 2nd place in relaxing bike trips around the city. Leeds stays in the game and brings out a wide range of opportunities for cycling, from pop-up cycling events to less ordinary ways to cycle from Leeds Urban Bike Park.

But what happens when you don’t own a bike or have no clue how to ride the devil with two wheels? There are 13 libraries across the city from where you can rent a bike for a lovely sunny trip in the park and you have the chance to learn how to ride a bike with the help of City Connect. You just need to bring your courage and try to keep your balance!

If Berlin is famous for its run-like-the-wind people, Washington takes a slower approach and opts for walking. So how does Leeds fit in these two categories? You will want to take a look at Run Leeds to set up your next running route around Leeds, or find child-friendly running paths on Junior Parkrun. For walking, take advantage of the green spaces that Leeds owns or, if you find your motivation when other people walk with you, join Leeds Let’s Get Active.

Although we’re not at the top of the list yet, Leeds does keep up with the international names and continuously encourages people to get more and more physically active!

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