Keep the little ones entertained and active!


Children and young people are always ready to go out and be active. However, this difficult period of time limits their opportunities to stay physically active outdoors. According to NHS, children and young people aged 5 to 18 should aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day.

Get Set Leeds is here to give you some great ideas on how to keep little ones entertained, but also active.

From buggy races to stepping stones, Active Imaginations gives you many ideas for how to make sure children are having fun and staying energetic. You’ll find games that don’t require any equipment, others that need household stuff like a bed sheet, or more complex ones that include a trampoline or a bouncing ball. To learn more about the exercises you could do with your children, visit and choose games that would help your child stay active indoors.

This Girl Can has come up with Disney dance-alongs to help you get active with your kids at your home on songs like ‘Under the sea’ or ‘I wanna be like you’. To watch the dance tutorials and steal some good moves on your favourite Disney songs, check

Celebrity fitness guru Joe Wicks is offering a daily workout at 9am. Try #PEwithJoe for free every day at:

The NHS offers Change4life, an accessible activities programme designed for disabled children and young people. Many exercises include Shake up games adapted for children with disabilities to keep their hearts healthy and their bones strong. Find out more about Change4life by visiting this page:

Breeze will be sharing things to do for the whole family like sports exercises and dancing. You can find them on their Facebook account: Feel free to share your pictures when you exercise with Breeze!

How do you keep your children active and entertained while staying at home?

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