Honolulu set to be the most active city in the USA in 2020


Maybe this doesn’t come as a surprise to you as the Hawaiian capital has physical activity in its blood through its famous Hula Dance and a great weather for outdoor exercises, but Honolulu has been successfully ranked the best city in the USA for an active lifestyle in 2020.

By comparing the number of fitness centres, parkland acres, and swimming pools per capita, researchers from WalletHub have named Honolulu as the first place in the USA when it comes to physical activity. Among many reasons, this has been due to its big number of tennis courts, but also baseball and softball diamonds per person.

Here at Get Set Leeds we were intrigued by this different approach to identifying active cities. We were more used to rankings based on how active people said they were (in surveys) or data from mobile apps and trackers.

The research has looked at the most populated 100 American cities across two main dimensions – ‘Budget & Participation’ which includes the costs to be physically active such as how much a bowling session costs and ‘Sports & Outdoors’ which refers to the opportunities one has to be physically active such as how many swimming pools you will find.

This ties in nicely with one of the themes which came through from Leeds residents in our Get Set Leeds survey last year: when it comes to sports and leisure activities, access to facilities and the cost of sessions both played a big part in people’s decision to get active.

To learn more, check out the full report from WalletHub: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-and-worst-cities-for-an-active-lifestyle/8817/#expert=charles-branas

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