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Our city and what we do in it shapes how we think about getting active and influences how we move…

At work we sit more and move less than we used to, but there are lots of ways of getting active in the workplace. From active meetings to standing desks, lunchtime walking clubs to taking the stairs instead of the lift, we can all move more at work.

Travelling to work by bike, on foot or by public transport is a really good way of getting active. CityConnect offers lots of ideas for walking and cycling to work, including information on cycle training, journey planners and tips for businesses to promote active travel to work.

Schools also offer great opportunities to get active, with support for families to walk or cycle to school or to borrow scooters as part of scoot to school. Leeds has such a vibrant culture, so look out for listings sites like Visit Leeds which feature walks, sporting events and active leisure opportunities alongside gigs and clubs. Or try Hoop, a site which features activities for newborns to 11-year-olds, including RugbyTots, family swims Shake, Rattle and Boogies. For older kids too there are loads of ideas of things to do in the school holidays through Breeze.

Leeds has so many parks and green spaces to explore. Why not get involved with a group such as Friends of Middleton Park, to help promote and support your local park? To find active groups in your area from the Leeds Parks and Green Spaces Forum, check out this map. If you want to discover more volunteering opportunities for corporate groups and organisations, go to the Leeds Parks and Countryside page.

And don’t forget the canal, which offers miles of walking and cycling from the heart of the city centre.


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