Colorado turned slacklining into the state’s favourite sports


You are more used to the conventional sports such as playing football, taking walks, or dancing. But Boulder (in Colorado, USA) came up with something really different in the ‘40s which wasn’t actually popular until the 2000s. We’re talking about slacklining!

Slacklining involves tying a strong nylon ribbon between two poles or trees and balance-walking along it. This sport is really beneficial when it comes to your physical and mental health: it improves posture and balance, increases core and body strength, prevents back pain, and it’s also meditative.

The downside of slacklining is that if the ribbons are improperly placed, they can damage the trees. However, Boulder took this into account and designed a pilot program that used specific species and rigorous tree protection, so that trees can live a healthy and long life themselves! The program is now permanent and you can enjoy slacklining without being afraid of damaging nature.

People in Boulder love slacklining so much that they decided to take their passion and turn it into a slacklining course in one of their parks. So whenever you’re bored of the traditional exercises, visit Boulder and try out something different, enjoyable, and amazing for your health.

Do you think slacklining would be popular in Leeds as well? Could Leeds be ‘bolder’?

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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