Chores + technology = be (more) active!


Have you ever wondered how people used to keep themselves active and healthy in the 19th century? You must think ‘well, no fitness centres, improved sport courts, or upgraded green spaces will have certainly led to inactivity’. We’re here to tell you that, even though these were not so popular back in time (my grandma would ask ‘what’s a fitness centre?’), people still burnt tons of calories just by going on with their daily routine which included doing chores around the house and walking!

People used to spend lots of time cleaning the house, taking care of the garden, cooking, and washing. And these chores can burn more calories than even 45 minutes of cycling or doing 100 sit-ups. Cleaning the bathroom seems to be the leader in the chores competition (15 minutes of putting Mr. Muscle into practice, both literally and figuratively, can help you get rid of 100 calories), followed by doing laundry (78 calories/hour), cleaning windows (153 calories in 30 minutes), ironing (50 calories in 20 minutes), or gardening (169 calories in 30 minutes).

But because we’ve fast forwarded to 2019, we can add up our tech-friendly features and burn even more calories while being of use in our houses. Our website gives you useful tips for being more and more active like dancing or doing a short work-out that you can combine with doing chores. The NHS also offers you many exercises that work as a total burner when added after an intense session of making your house spotless. If you want to take care of beautiful flowers, but don’t have a garden, you also came to the right place: become a volunteer at Hollybush Conversation Centre or Meanwood Urban Farm to have a fabulous sunny day in the nature.

And finally, make sure you stretch after impersonating Cinderella and being an active help in your house and for your health!


Photo by Tina Bosse on Unsplash

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