Bursa’s key to more physical activity – team sports!


We’ve been watching sport competitions since … forever: English people go for football and cricket, Americans don’t say no to basketball and baseball, and Canadians would surely join a hockey match! But how about taking our own sport boots, stepping on the court (or ice), and becoming the next Diego Maradona, Michael Jordan, or Wayne Gretzky? Well, you would probably not become as famous as them, but you will surely get more active and improve your physical and mental health!

This idea has been put into practice by the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa, Turkey. Every year around 500 employees take part in friendly sport competitions which include sports such as football, volleyball, and basketball. Even better, all these competitions are organised by their employers! Half an hour of playing football with your colleagues will help you burn between 260-311 calories, shooting hoop will get you rid of 300 calories, while a 30-minute non-competitive volleyball game will smash 133 calories.

But besides being a fun activity and helping participants burn many calories and stay in shape, friendly sport competitions between employees have a great contribution to their mental health. Employees from the Turkish city say that being part of team sport events motivates them to increase their morale, to become more active, and to reduce their stress.

Get Set Leeds brings you many opportunities for team sports, from walking netball to joining cricket clubs, to rugby, football, basketball, and even hockey (no matter how rainy Leeds is). But should Leeds come forward with a similar idea like Bursa’s and encourage employers to organise active team sports between employees?

Photo by Şeyma Su on Unsplash

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