BeltLine: Atlanta goes 22 miles for physical activity!


Atlanta might be synonymous with physical activity as it offers people the possibility to become active and take advantage of the nature in a creative, yet simple way. So how is that possible? Meet BeltLine – a sustainable project which aims to connect no less than 45 neighbourhoods with traffic free roads and green spaces. The 22 miles pedestrian transit manages to connect people from all over the city and encourages them to have a single ambition: become more active!

If you feel it’s just a simple pathway that surrounds the core of the city’s in-town neighbourhoods, you couldn’t be more wrong! From skate parks to free fitness classes or 5K running sessions, BeltLine is the perfect place to stick to your healthy routine or (why not) explore new realms of physical activity. It is also designed in a way that says ‘no impediment should stay in your way to become more active!’. That’s why furry pets are more than welcome, you can rent a bike if you don’t own one, and there’s even a wide range of restaurants or open patios where you can have lunch. For any art lovers, BeltLine turns into a mini-museum where you’ll stroll past murals and admire great work of performers, artists, and musicians.

There’s much more to say about what Atlanta’s pedestrian pathway offers to its people, but if I were to include everything, we might stay on this blog post until 2030 and miss the further development of BeltLine. Of course, such a great project comes at a cost – literally speaking. By the time BeltLine is completely done (which will be in 2030), it will cost $4.8 billion, money allocated from public and private sources.

BeltLine does bring a new vision when it comes to encouraging Atlanta’s people (and even tourists) to become more and more active. It offers everything for everyone in a fun and relaxing way, but it also sends a clear message about the benefits of physical activity in green spaces!

A similar project has also been launched in Leeds where Monk Bridge Viaduct will transform the cityscape and will include many cycle and motorbike spaces for people to become more physically active. Read more about this recent development here.

Photo by Ronny Sison on Unsplash

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