Are you ready to ‘Walk it. Ride it.’?


Are you ready to ‘Walk it. Ride it.’?

Now that we are emerging out of lockdown, it is a great time to start afresh and take a step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The first move could be to rethink your everyday journeys and incorporate more activity- think school runs, commutes and shopping trips.

Walk it. Ride it. is a new campaign to encourage the people of Leeds to move towards healthier, greener travel, starting by swapping one car journey per week to walking or cycling.

One small change to your routine can make an incredible difference to your physical health, by getting you active and building healthy habits. Not only that, but the environment, your wellbeing and your purse strings may also thank you for leaving the car at home. Many people have also found they have more energy, freedom and quality time with their family.

Visit the Walk it. Ride it. website to read personal stories from across the city and find resources to help you kickstart your journey. Find inspiration, top tips, walking and cycling routes and information on local community groups.

Also check out Connecting Leeds Facebook and Twitter for more information and updates.

Get Set Leeds is committed to uniting people all over the city through activity and exercise. Visit our Get Active page to discover more ways you can get involved and get moving.

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