Are you a good FIT for the ‘FIT LEEDS’ programme?


After launching a successful new health and fitness initiative for adults, the Leeds United Foundation is now looking for a second group of people who would like to become more active and be part of the free ‘Fit Leeds’ programme.

‘Fit Leeds’ follows the guidance from the English Football League Trust (EFL). The aim of this project is to help current inactive adults aged 35-65 to stay healthy, keep fit, and look after their mental well-being.

Both males and females are welcomed to join the free programme which will run weekly for 12 weeks. The women’s programme starts on the 15th of September, from 6pm until 8pm. Two days later, on the 17th of September, the men’s programme kicks off at the same time. Both female and male two-hour sessions will be held at our beloved Elland Road!

The sessions will consist of both getting yourself active and learning more about a healthy lifestyle. This is why, throughout the duration of the programme, every participant will have regular check-ups on the following areas: blood pressure, weight measurement, general lifestyle, physical activity, and mental health and well-being.

From a previous participant who was part of the first group of the project, here’s a first glimpse into what you can expect from Fit Leeds:

“I was very nervous about walking into the first session. I’m 36 years old, haven’t exercised since my late teens, and my diet was terrible. Every week we did group discussions about health and wellness, we talked about healthy eating, making better choices, alcohol consumption, and also did some exercise activity. It’s safe to say this programme has changed and saved my life. As we approach what would have been the last week, I’m a completely different person to the one I was when I started: I now eat a much healthier diet, I exercise every single day and am enthusiastic about exercise, which I never had been before. I’ve lost weight (33.2kg/just over 5st), my resting heart rate has reduced, my blood pressure is down and, most importantly, I’m motivated to keep going.”

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If you think ‘Fit Leeds’ is a good FIT for you or anyone else, get in touch with Beth Kerrigan at

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